We supply Good quality used and new Isuzu spares.
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About Groenberg Engineering cc

Groenberg Engineering cc consists of various divisions:

1.)  Isuzu bakkies: Parts, sales and service. New, recon and good used.
Freddie Bindemann started working on Isuzu bakkies in 1980. This has grown to where we now stock all Isuzu parts from 1979 to the latest models. We remanufacture engines, gearboxes, differentials and extensions.
We also repair and service bakkies.

2.)  During the early days (1960-1979) we worked with Ford F100 and F250. When my dad started Groenberg Engineering, it moved from a farm service to a garage. We still have many parts for these bakkies and about 50 bakkies to sell, S/H. Ludwig 0824618364 James 021-8733076

3.)  Spray and panel beating service: Groenberg Engineering have started doing panel beating and a spray shop.
Marius 0828230965 James 021-8733076

4.)  Pumps and irrigation systems:  incl retaining walls, gabions walls ext. I have a team that design and install irrigation systems, repair systems and pumps. All kind of systems big or small. We installed a complete new irrigation system at Wellington Golf course. From the pumps to the sprinklers. More than 6500 meters of pipe and 585 sprinklers. We also do Gabion boxes (the wire boxes with the rocks inside) and retaining walls (with terraforce blocks ext.) We import, stock and sell CACRARI pumps and parts. Booster and sub mercible pumps Ludwig 0824618364 James 021-8733076
Office: Tel:  021-8733076 / 021-8730988 Fax: 0866066763
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